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Aamer AhmedImię: Aamer Ahmed
Państwo: Pakistan
Wstęp: Hi, All
I am Aamer,I am from Pakistan and photography is my hobby and I spend always lots of time on taking photos and seeing photos on different sites, of course trekearth is my most favourite. I am not an expert photographer, but of course a born one. I consider my self merely a student which I will remain always.My basic purpose to be a part of this excellent mechanism i-e trekearth is to improve my skills in the field of photography with your kind and always forthcoming support. From a photographer's point of view trekearth seems to me an immense un-explored world of amazement and excursion, because while sitting on his chair one can tour the whole wide world around.
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Title: Weevil.....
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Title: Deer
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Title: Mena...Starlings
Mena...Starlings (8)
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