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Natalia KarlovskayaImię: Natalia Karlovskaya
Państwo: Rosja
Wstęp: Hi, friends!
Nice to meet all of you here!

I am very glad to open Treknature after weekly sharing in TrekLens.

My name is Natalia. I'm not professional photographer, photography sometimes allows to catch moments which I feel entire complicity to world.
I like rains, autumn, clouds, fluctuating water, crackling of a fire, music by Vangelis, Kitaro, blues, reggae, poetry by Marina Tsvetaeva, Boris Pasternak, Rainer Maria Rilke, oriental dances and some other things that make our life more full. And most of all I like good people
Professionally I am clinical psychologist, and I teach students (Psychology Department at the Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoyevsky (Siberia).
I work with a metaphor of a tree as a state of soul last some years, and I use trees photos in different contexts of individual and group work in the sphere of psycho-correction (art-therapy, therapy by means of creative self-expression etc.).

The tree is a metaphor represents the birth and the death, as well as such resource states as aiming skywards, toughness, flexibility and inflexibility, reliability, solidity and evanescence, longevity and growth. I.e. it symbolizes vitality in all its manifestations. Meanwhile, the images of trees are deeply concordant to the dysfunctional states, such as break-down, distortion, burn-off, frustration of hopes, low self-appraisal, desperation, loneliness, loss etc. In the therapy a “painful” picture often evoked positive feelings, because the painful image was overcome by other elements of the photo. I am very happy to find out many arresting trees in TN!
You can see some my works in TL and at

I glad to find here the atmosphere that close to me. And I happy that I can share it with you.

I would want to show you my trees and the world where I'm living. You are welcome!

Many thanks to TrekNature, Treklens founders and to all participants!
I have few knowledge in art of photo, but I learn and I like it! And I need your comments to arrive there.

PS. To my TN friends, excuse my English.

With love from Siberia, Natalia
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