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Paul LeesImię: Paul Lees
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Wstęp: Hello everybody,

Profile update, 21 September 2011

My name is Paul,originaly from Liverpool England and now live in Johannesburg SA, i am new to digital camera's as most of photography was done with film, I Purchased my first camera in 1965 black and white was the order of the day then,

I arrived in South Africa in 1971 and in 1974 purchased my first Nikon SLR camera and still possess today Nikon F, and then only did the photography bug bite hmmm, also between 1972 and 1980 I had a fully equipped dark room in which I had lots of fun mostly shooting weddings, developing and printing black and white albums,

In 1976 joined a Camera club in Sandringham Johannesburg Jabula CC, wow the bug bit even harder, reached 4 Star rating (colour slides), then left for a Camera club a little closer to my home Edenvale CC, progressed to 5 Star rating (colour slides), there after I was successful with National and International Photographic Salon acceptances, then in 1988 a business opportunity came along and with that came commitment, so Photography had to take a back seat,

I am sure the more senior (older) members like myself who have not the computer skills we would like, will find that digital photography can be very challenging in comparison to film,

With film all one has to do is load the film into the camera body, set the appropriate ASA value, switch on the camera, set your TTL light meter, focus and with a little imagination your basically on the money, simple hey?,

To set up a DSLR camera, to most novices and myself can be very daunting with the many options/choices for one setting,
However it’s a lot reading/practicing and the love of Photography that will get the novice/beginner to great pictures

So where am I now?, well with the help of Bungbing’s computer knowledge and understanding the camera Manuel’s better than I, we can progress together quite nicely,

I have switched off my workshop because I am from the old school (film) and in them days
When you hit the shutter release button that’s what you get !!!, and the workshops that I have seen here on TN most of them have degraded the original author’s image,
Photography versus Manipulation hmmm?,

PS: The literal meaning of photography is "Writing (graphy) with light (photo)". So no light no shot!,

Best Regards,
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