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Zeno SwijtinkImię: Zeno Swijtink
Państwo: Holandia
Wstęp: Hi,

My name is Zeno Swijtink. I'm 55years old and I live in a small place called Well, Holland.
I like travelling and I've been in many countries. Africa is my favorite continent and I took many photo's there.
I'm a sort of "nature rambler" and birdwatching is absolutely my favourite occupation. When I go out for a walk I always take my camera and binoculars with me. Learning about nature is always my aim. So I am grateful for all your critiques and comments!
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Aparat: Nikon D7000, Nikon D80, Nikon F90x
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Trinidad and Tobago
Title: Bare-eyed ThrushNikon D80
Bare-eyed Thrush (36)
Zeno Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 483 W: 0 N: 1330] (10711)
Title: Blue dacnis in the rainNikon D7100
Blue dacnis in the rain (12)
Zeno Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 483 W: 0 N: 1330] (10711)
Title: Another RobinNikon D80
Another Robin (14)
Zeno Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 483 W: 0 N: 1330] (10711)
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