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Angelo NardoImię: Angelo Nardo
Państwo: Włochy
Wstęp: I have always loved pictures and photography, since I was a child. Even if I didn't know how to read, I would leaf through any book I could get hold of, just to see the pictures. I love travelling the world in search of natural wonders and I like taking naturalistic photos with a special interest in ornithology. I hope you like my photos.
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Zarejestrowany od: 2005-12-03
Aparat: Canon 7D Mark II, Canon EOS 300D, Canon EOS 30d, Canon EOS 50, Canon EOS 70D, HP Photosmart 735, Pentax ME Super
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Groups: Owner: Orchidee of Italy (Europe)
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Title: Coal TitCanon EOS 300D
Coal Tit
nardophoto (9818)
Title: WolvesCanon EOS 300D
Wolves (2)
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Title: White-crowned Black WheatearCanon EOS 30d
White-crowned Black Wheatear (2)
nardophoto (9818)
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